Sunday, May 08, 2011

things I have been thinking about

Things I have been thinking about, or would like to think about more, which I intend to write about at some point in the future:

Where was God in the earthquake, and how should Christians talk about natural disasters?

How big is God, and how should this impact the way I see things and do things?

Which Jesus is the true Jesus? (Before you get worried I am about to become heretical, I am referring to which interpretation of Jesus is correct.)

What does God want me to do with my life? (Not completely sure I will be able to answer this one.)

Is the collateral damage from some forms of evangelism a price worth paying?

How should I pray, and what should I pray for?

How should I view death?

Does it really matter if the first few chapters of Genesis are taken literally or not? And, is evolution actually relevant to philosophical questions about the origins of the universe?

How do we know that the New Testament contains the right books?

Exactly where do we draw the line between the Church as the body of Christ, and the institution or institutions of Christendom? Is it copping out to blame past horrors on the institution rather than the faith?

Ignoring the negative connotations of the label, and ignoring the assumptions surrounding it, what exactly is an "evangelical"? And what exactly is a "liberal"? And which churches have the best view of Christianity and the best interpretation of "what Jesus wanted"?

Phew. I have quite some thinking to do.

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Sarah said...

Holy Moly! Let me know when you've got some answers to some of those questions! Lol.