Sunday, June 06, 2010

how do you sleep at night?

Recently I've heard a lot of Christians pondering over how non-Christians can possibly live without God. Surely the hopelessness of a godless life would drive anyone to despair. It's a sort of valid question, but it has always annoyed me a little, and I wasn't sure why.

Until yesterday. Now it annoys me a lot, and I know why.

Yesterday, someone told me a question that a non-Christian asked them. "Believing what you do - heaven, hell - how do you sleep at night? Knowing that millions and millions of people are lost to the pits of hell without Christ in their lives, how do you sleep?"

It was like a little light going click! in my head. And I think it's a much better question for us to ask.

Yes, I do think life is more difficult on a personal level without a belief in God. However, a belief in God that entails a belief that the people around me are destined for hell if they don't turn to God before they die is even more difficult. It's much more difficult to live as if we believe it. It should drive us, we should be filled with a passion to tell more and more people every day, for if we seriously believe that without God they are doomed: