Sunday, May 30, 2010


This is just a quick note to express the awesomeness of this Sunday just been.

1) At church there were five baptisms. HAPPY STUFF.

2) My flatmate's family have been really involved in the life of a young woman (a non-Christian) with terminal cancer who has a little boy aged 18 months. She is their cousin's ex-partner, so the links are technically tenuous, but they've been fantastic witnesses to her, and have been caring for the little boy whenever his mother has been unable to, and are now legal guardians to him. My flatmate's mother has also been hanging out with her and reading to her from the Bible. She is determined to live, but last weekend, things were getting really bad and it looked like death was inevitable.

So we had a prayer meeting at our flat. We prayed that she would come to faith and that she would be healed. Since then, the things that went badly wrong over that weekend have ceased, and then last night, we found out that she has asked Jesus into her life.

It is such an encouraging reminder that prayer is answered, and all I can say is "Praise God." So happy right now!

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