Saturday, September 13, 2008


Firstly: church today. I'm afraid I have no bullet-pointed list of how I have resolved my tricky bit, Wednesday's blog post. Still, somehow I feel a lot lighter in spirit.

Secondly: part of the reason for this could be, well, it's spring! I'm not going to rhapsodise over daffodils and lambs here, because that's what I've just done over at U2 vs Jane Austen, but I will say - thank you, God, for giving us the seasons, and especially for giving us spring.

It doesn't explain away anything. It doesn't present some complex theological/philosophical argument. It doesn't let me forget that although it's lovely for me, there are people whom daffodils don't help.

But it does remind me of the dawn that follows the dark. It reminds me that if I hang in there, spring is coming, and with it daffodils and bluebells and sun. One day, all the things I don't understand now are simply going to evaporate into a deeper understanding, an understanding that comes from seeing. Seeing things I could not have imagined while I dwelt in the shadowlands of winter.


Trish Ryan said...

We're on the other side. Fall is my favorite season, but I'm always a little afraid of winter. The cold, the dark, never quite feeling warm. The lack of sunshine on skin.

Spring always feels like a miracle, doesn't it??? Yay God.

LEstes65 said...

I love all the seasons. I miss the distinct 4 seasons from Boston. Texas kind of has a very quick spring, a very LONG summer, a very quick fall and a thankfully short winter. Took a while for me to get used to it. But I really like it.

I love your thoughts on spring.