Thursday, July 26, 2007


I just want to update those of you who prayed for the woman I mentioned two blog posts ago - she died almost two weeks ago, and her funeral was on Monday. I couldn't attend because I am now in another country. Sadly, no one knows how she stood with God before her death. Her close friends at the church found it very hard because she couldn't make up her mind while she was still lucid, and then she could no longer communicate or even realise they were there. It's been difficult for the church to realise we just have to leave it to God and be comfortable with not knowing.


Sarakastic said...

So sorry for your & your churches loss.

LEstes65 said...

I once had a counselor who suggested that, life is a series of choices: love vs not love. She extended this to a theory that, when you die, you are given the last choice. Do you choose love or not love. If you spent most of your life choosing love, you will choose God. I found it interesting. I've been told over and over that everyone will have their chance to accept God/Jesus. To that end, I like my counselor's idea. And I like to think there's a hell of a lot more people in heaven than most people think. Including this woman.